“El Cafe Latino”

From Alec, owner of “El Cafe Latino”,

Greetings and well wishes to all of our English speaking patrons and friends from around the world.

For 21 years, in bad and good times, I have been able to keep “El Cafe Latino” open and running with the help of amazing and dedicated staff. At “El Cafe Latino”, we provide a place for cultural exchange through Latin music and dance, here in Japan.

We serve the local community and the international community who visits us at “El Cafe Latino” in Tokyo. We provide DJ music, LIVE bands, dance classes and performances, special Latin influenced drinks and food.

It has been my life’s work to keep El Cafe Latino safe, fun and educational for all. This could not be done without all of the local and international DJs, artists, dance instructors, security personnel and the hardest working staff to serve you, our customers.

During this state of emergency due to Corona Virus, I, like others, am forced to ask for your help!

In an effort to save “El Cafe Latino” and to prevent it from closing its doors forever, I am personally reaching out all of you who love and enjoy Salsa, Bachata, and Reggeton as well as all other platforms of Latin music which we play at “El Cafe Latino” for your help.

It is not yet clear how long we are to keep our doors closed due to the “Stay at Home” social distance Policy.

What is clear is that I will not be able to meet the financial responsibilities to reopen “El Cafe Latino” without your help.

Any amount of donation or support will be appreciated. All donations will be used for the sole purpose of keeping “El Cafe Latino” open for the future.

As most of you know, “Cafe Latino” is a very special place where people from all over the world meet to celebrate life through Latin music and dance… together!

Please help me to keep “El Cafe Latino” open so that we can meet again here in Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you from my heart!

Alec Asgari

Please use the following account information to send your donations and help:

PayPay: sachi_aiqueen

And ↓↓↓
this bank account only
handles cards issued in JAPAN:
Mita-Dori Branch
Branch no:623
Account no:8546285
(口座番号 普通:8546285)

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